Best coffee gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

There are many kinds of love,  and all of them make the world a better place in their own way. When it comes to romantic love, there is a special day to celebrate it and that is Valentine’s Day. Now, when your loved one is big on coffee, there is no better way to show your love for them than to give them a coffee gift for this special day. Even though love isn’t only for a day, your beloved coffee lover will definitely feel appreciated and loved. Therefore, make this holiday a great combination of your loved one’s love for coffee and the love you two share and check out the best coffee gift ideas for Valentine’s Day in this article.

#1 Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

🥇 Top Pick

Editor’s rating:5 Star Editor's Rating

NEW Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2, 10 oz, Black, 1.5-hr Battery Life - App Controlled Heated Coffee Mug - Improved Design

Temperature drastically improves the flavor of coffee, but most of the mugs are made to only keep coffee hot for as long as they can and not control its temperature. Knowing this, Ember made a series of coffee mugs that help with the temperature control of your loved one’s favorite drink. The ‘Best Choice’ title on our list of best coffee gift ideas for Valentine’s Day belongs to Ember’s 10-ounce temperature control mug.

The Ember temperature control smart mug uses a battery to keep your coffee hot. Its battery lasts for up to an hour when the mug is fully charged. However, there is also a charging coaster that comes with the mug, and using it means hot coffee available at every moment.

To get the mug working, your loved one will have to link it to the Ember App. This app will let them create drink entries with a preset temperature for their favorite coffees. Furthermore, it is also possible to customize the LED light on the mug for a more personalized and fun coffee experience.

Key features:

  • Temperature control ranges from 120 to 140 degrees F
  • Capacity of 10 or 14 fl.oz.
  • Battery lasts for an hour when fully charged
  • Mug works with the Ember App
  • Charging coaster included


Improves the taste of coffee by keeping it at the right temperature

Charging coaster helps the mug keep the coffee hot all day

Customizable temperatures for all your favorite coffee drinks

Customizable LED light on mug


No notable downsides for this product

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#2 Rosa Vila Caffeine Necklace

💰 Best Value

Editor’s rating:4.5 Star Editor's Rating

Rosa Vila Caffeine Necklace, Coffee Necklace, Caffeine Molecule Necklace for Coffee Lovers, Science Necklace for Chemistry Lovers, Coffee Gifts for Women, Coffee Lovers Gifts (Rose Gold Tone)

How can a coffee lover express their love for coffee when they don’t have a cup of coffee in their hands? Well, the answer to this question is easy: by wearing Rosa Vila’s caffeine necklace. This necklace has a pendant in the shape of the caffeine molecule, and we all know that caffeine is present in every coffee drink. Unless the drink is decaffeinated, of course!

The necklace is made of zinc alloy, which makes it durable, yet simple enough to come at an affordable price. It comes in gold, rose gold, carbon black and silver, perfect for all tastes and preferences. It, furthermore, has nice dimensions and it fits particularly well around a woman’s neck. Are you still wondering what makes this necklace the best coffee gift idea for Valentine’s Day? We will let you answer that question yourself as you imagine giving a beautiful heart-shaped box with the necklace in to your loved one, seeing how the smile on her face gets bigger while she puts the necklace around her neck, enjoying its perfect color and its feminine design.

Key features:

  • Necklace with the caffeine molecule as its pendant
  • Made of metal
  • Length of 19 inches, height of 2 inches and width of 1.2 inches
  • Comes with lobster-claw clasps


Available in multiple colors

Has nice dimensions and is nicely crafted

Being made of metal, it’s durable

Gives your fellow coffee lover a great way to express their love for coffee


Doesn’t come with a replacement chain

A bit cheap, so if your partner is picky you better look for something pricier

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#3 Technivorm Moccamaster 59618 KBG Coffee Brewer

🔥 Premium Pick

Editor’s rating:5 Star Editor's Rating

Technivorm Moccamaster 59618 KBG Coffee Brewer, 40 oz, Red Metallic

Our list of best coffee gift ideas for Valentine’s Day would’ve been dishonest if the Technivorm Moccamaster KBG wasn’t the premium pick on it. This is, undoubtedly, one of the most desired drip coffee makers on the market. That said, the KBG is not a great gift for Valentine’s Day only, but for every other holiday as well.

The KBG works with a very large carafe, and it can make enough coffee in 4-6 minutes, keeping even the most demanding of coffee lovers satisfied. If your loved one is a fan of regular coffee, the KBG will definitely set a new standard for what a regular should taste like.

According to coffee experts, coffee tastes best if brewed at a constant temperature from 196 to 205 degrees F. This is why the KBG was designed to brew coffee at this temperature. To furthermore improve the coffee flavor, this Moccamaster also uses a hot plate and has a 9-hole showerhead for equal coffee saturation. The coffee maker is, furthermore, extremely easy to operate since it works with one button only. Finally, it looks great on every counter in whatever color your loved one prefers (think all the colors of the rainbow).

Key features:

  • Drip-brew coffee maker
  • 40-ounce capacity
  • Brews the coffee in 4 to 6 minutes
  • Uses a showerhead with 9 holes to evenly saturate the coffee
  • Brews the coffee at a temperature from 196 to 205 degrees F


Operates with the help of one button only

Fast brew time

Drip-stop basket for pouring coffee anytime one wants

Auto shut-off feature saves electricity and prolongs coffee maker’s life

Hot plate to keep the coffee hot for up to 100 minutes


Nothing for this product

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#4 AeroPress Travel Coffee Press

Editor’s rating:4.5 Star Editor's Rating

AeroPress® GoTM Travel Coffee Press

If your Valentine travels often, you should think about getting them the AeroPress travel coffee press. Coffee lovers don’t like being away from their coffee, so a travel coffee press will help them not to worry. This is especially true if your loved one likes espresso, cold brew or just regular coffee since the press was designed to prepare these there coffee drinks.

The coffee your loved one will make with this press will be nicely flavored and with no coffee grounds in. You can thank the 350 coffee microfilters that come in the box if you think this is amazing! The press also has a mug and a lid come with it, so your loved one will definitely be able to drink the coffee even if they didn’t bring a mug with them.

As you can notice, the press has a rather practical design: there’s a mug for drinking coffee which also acts as a carrying case. Furthermore, we can add that this is a very compact coffee ‘tool’ as well, which is great. After all, you don’t want your Valentine to struggle with a large and heavy coffee press while carrying their luggage during your Valentine’s Day trip, for example.

Key features:

  • A coffee press suitable for travelers
  • Makes three coffee drinks (coffee, espresso and cold brew)
  • Comes with a mug and a lid
  • Comes with 350 microfilters


Fast brewing for more flavorful coffee that doesn’t taste bitter

Perfect for coffee lovers who prefer different coffee drinks

Compact and practical design with mug and lid also being a traveling case

A lot of microfilters for a pure coffee drink at any time


It might take two brews to fill up a cup of coffee

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#5 Flair Signature Espresso Maker

Editor’s rating:4.5 Star Editor's Rating

Flair Signature Espresso Maker (Pressure Kit, Black)

The Flair signature espresso maker is the best coffee gift idea for Valentine’s Day for coffee lovers who enjoy preparing espresso manually. This espresso maker features a pressure lever and a pressure gauge for pressure monitoring. Your loved one will be able to customize the flavor of the espresso by choosing the pressure they prefer and get a nice crema as well. This espresso maker can brew 1.7 ounces of espresso per shot, and is great for using at home as well as outdoors.

The Flair espresso maker is a state-of-art manual machine, but  is also very durable and easy to clean. This means that your loved one will have an easy time maintaining it and use it for a long time. The espresso maker comes with all sorts of nice parts and accessories. That said, it has a bottomless portafilter, a removable brewing head made of stainless steel, and even a specially designed carrying case for the espresso maker. If your loved one believes in ‘hand-crafting’ their espresso and likes espresso makers with sophisticated looks, the Flair signature espresso maker could reassure them that their decision to pick you as their partner and Valentine was right.

Key features:

  • Manual espresso press with stainless steel brewing head and aluminum press stand
  • Works with 0.5 to 0.6 ounces of coffee per shot
  • Pressure ranges from 6 to 9 BARs and is ‘visible’ with a pressure gauge
  • Comes with a stainless steel tamper
  • Comes with a 2-in-1 portafilter


Customizable espressos with the help of the custom pressure gauge

Stylish design

Perfect to use at home or outdoors

Specially designed travel case makes it portable in a safe way


A good grinder might be necessary for preparing fine espresso shots

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#6 PowerLix Milk Frother

Editor’s rating:4.5 Star Editor's Rating

PowerLix Milk Frother Handheld Battery Operated Electric Foam Maker For Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, Durable Drink Mixer With Stainless Steel Whisk, Stainless Steel Stand Include (Black)

Let’s face it: coffee lovers who like cappuccinos and lattes already have milk frothers. However, having a better frother can certainly be on their Valentine’s Day wish list, and you can certainly help this wish come true.

So, what makes the PowerLix frothervauable? Well, first of all, its rotational power and speed. This frother makes foam in about 15 to 20 seconds with 19000 rotations per minute. That said, this is a frother that works with the speed of light when compared to other frothers on the market. The frother is also made of stainless steel, and you can be sure that its whisk will not break down over time. It is, furthermore, powered by two AA batteries and works at the touch of a button, which means that it’s very easy to use.

Another great thing about the PowerLix milk frother work very quietly, so your loved one won’t have to worry about waking everybody up when preparing their coffee. Its handle is ergonomic and won’t leave your loved one’s hand in pain after usage. All in all, if you want your loved one to feel like a foam master, the PowerLix milk frother could be a great coffee gift idea for Valentine’s Day. Plus, PowerLix also have a promotion available, and if you buy three of their items, you get a 15% discount of your order. How about getting three nice gifts for your Valentine?

Key features:

  • Works on batteries
  • 19000 rotations per minute
  • Makes milk froth in 15 to 20 seconds
  • Made of stainless steel


Food-grade stainless steel spiral whisk

A design that guarantees a quiet operation

Easy to use with only one button to push

Ergonomic design

Very affordable


Some parts might be a bit flimsy

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#7 SweetGourmet Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans Blend

Editor’s rating:4 Star Editor's Rating

SweetGourmet Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans Blend | White, Milk & Dark Chocolate | Kosher | 3 pounds

The last and the sweetest coffee gift idea for Valentine’s Day on our list is the SweetGourmet chocolate-covered espresso beans. If your Valentine likes to couple the strong flavor of the espresso with some nice chocolate undertones, this is the best way to give them that pleasure. All the beans in the blend are covered with either dark chocolate, white chocolate or milk. What an easy way to turn coffee into your beloved coffee lover’s favorite snack!

If you decide to go for this gift, you should know that you’ll be getting one pound of coffee beans for your Valentine. That is quite a lot of coffee, and the more coffee a coffee lover gets, the happier they are. Another great thing about this beans blend is that it is not only tasty, but also Kosher.

Key features:

  • Chocolate-covered espresso beans
  • Dark chocolate, white chocolate and milk covers
  • One pound of espresso beans per pack
  • Kosher certified



A unique snack with the flavor of espresso and different kinds of chocolate

A lot of beans per pack



Unless bought during the winter or colder weather, the chocolate-covered beans might melt

Not very soft to chew on

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Things to consider when buying a coffee gift for Valentine’s Day

What your loved one likes – Don’t buy something that your Valentine doesn’t like, but something they love, need or want. Try to figure out what the best coffee gift for Valentine’s Day for them is and then purchase a product.

Uniqueness – Think of a gift for Valentine’s Day that stands out from some more regular coffee-related products that your loved one has at home. We think that your gift should be as special as this day is.

Quality of the product – Surprise your loved one with a sweet gift that is of good quality. Consider the warranty, durability, portability and everything else that affects the quality of the product for the best experience of your beloved coffee lover.

Price – Aim for a gift that your loved one will enjoy, but that you will also be able to afford. After all, you don’t want to have a grumpy face on Valentine’s Day because you’ve spent more or less on a product than you can afford.

A meaningful product – Finally, buy your loved one a coffee gift that will be meaningful to them, something that will be worth to remember. Think about the beautiful moments you’ve shared and try to ‘recreate’ them with a nice and relatable coffee gift.


The day of the lovers is undoubtedly a special day of the year. However, what really makes this day special for you and your loved one is not the day itself, but the special bond that you two share. Valentine’s Day is nothing but a day to remember that you have each other in the best and the worst, that you are special to one another and that you share the beautiful feeling of love. This is why, ultimately, the best coffee gift idea for Valentine’s Day is a gift from a person that one loves and who loves them back. Love your beloved coffee lover and always show your love for them! Happy Valentine’s Day from the team of Morning Call Coffee Stand!


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