Thread: I can not sleep at night for.

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What do you when you can not sleep at night for many hours?


12 responses to “Thread: I can not sleep at night for.”

  1. RickyB Avatar

    man, when i cant sleep i just game till my eyes hurt. does that work for anyone else here?

    1. doesnt that make it harder to sleep tho? gaming’s all bright screens and stuff

    2. RickyB Avatar

      maybe, but im like used to it, works for me lol

  2. Sarah93 Avatar

    um, any tips for ppl who gotta wake up early but just lay there awake forever? asking for me 🙁

  3. TommyG Avatar

    hey, listening to chill tunes helps me a ton. Patrick, think u could add music to the list of tips?

  4. BookwormBeth Avatar

    i always read when i can’t sleep, but nothing too exciting. it kinda makes my eyes tired and helps me nod off.

  5. Daze22 Avatar

    ever just stare at the ceiling and make shapes out of the shadows? or is it just me lol

  6. Lil_Miss_Sunshine Avatar

    Great article, Patrick! I try to count my blessings instead of sheep when sleep’s being a lil’ tricky. Works wonders!

  7. FrankieTheFrown Avatar

    None of this stuff ever works. Trust me, I’ve tried it all. Some of us are just meant to be awake at night.

  8. SleepySammy Avatar

    tea with honey kinda helps but i just end up needing to go bathroom later, anyone else got this problem?

  9. zzzLack Avatar

    tried all this, still staring at my ceiling at 3am. where’s the article on what to do when NOTHING works??

  10. JustJoshinYa Avatar

    if you can’t sleep, does it mean you’re resisting a rest? get it? haha, I’ll show myself out now.

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